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Arctic (2018) Torrent Download


While still tending to the woman, Overgård eventually crosses a box which contains a faded identification card. Presumably, he has attempted the trip before, but turned back due to untold hardships. Overgård continues the journey, but soon finds an unmapped rock wall. Despite multiple attempts, he cannot scale it while pulling the young woman. He must change their route, now appearing to be around five days longer through the windward side of a large mountain.

They take refuge in a small grotto, where the polar bear locates them. Overgård manages to scare the bear away with one of his two distress flares. The next day after more travel, the woman’s condition worsens. Believing she will not make it, he abandons her. Shortly after, he falls in a large crevasse, trapping his leg under a rock. He further injures his leg getting it free and manages to get out of the crevasse, returning to get the woman who is still alive.

After further travel, Overgård sees a helicopter in the distance. He lights his remaining flare but does not attract the attention of the helicopter crew. Desperate, the man sets his overcoat on fire and waves it, but it again goes unseen. The helicopter flies away, and Overgård, defeated, lies down next to the woman, takes her hand and accepts their fate. Moments later a glimpse of the helicopter can be seen as it lands behind them.

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